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Compass has a Civil Engineering department with experience providing site plan services to a large portion of Smoky Mountain Development projects that exist today.
Compass employees looking at site plans
Reedmont development taking place

A Specialized & Unique Experience.

Our Civil Engineer’s experience ranges from campgrounds, to apartment complexes, and large infrastructure projects. She has worked in the Smoky Mountain region for over 20 years and has immense knowledge of the area’s landscapes and potential challenges. With this experience, we have the knowledge and skillset to overcome bumps in the road with ease. 

We are looking for clients who align with our goals and values. If that is you, please reach out! We would love to work with you. 

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Smoky Mountains

Partners & Lenders

We partner with forward-thinking organizations to positively impact our community with each project. The following businesses and lenders work closely alongside us to help us accomplish big goals.

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Compass developer looking at site plansCompass employees looking at site plans
Rendering of reedmont cabins